Had it fitted June last year, and the results are amazing, well worth getting.
Sam Davey
We have this system from these guys, very informative, makes sense even to a female!! Best money I have spent, never looked back, your welcome to come see it if in plymouth.
Donna Howe
Brilliant bit of kit…. got rid of my mould in 3 weeks as well as condensation on the windows.
David Bruce
We had this installed last year and is wonderful..best decision we made and recommend it to anyone who suffers from condensation problems. 10/10!
Jeanne Gerrie
We had it done a few years ago and I recommend it, our wardrobes were really smelly and clothes went mouldy but not anymore, worth every penny.
Jean Heard
Fantastic system. Well worth the money.
Samantha Harris
I have this installed and it does work, 2 of my neighbours have also had it installed.
Gary Cooper
Fantastic system! Well worth it! Highly recommend!!
Amy Young
Highly recommend it. Saved me from insanity! No more running windows to wipe dry every morning.
Anne Johnson
It does what it says on the box, highly recommended.
Averil Billing
Highly recommend it. We had fitted last year and it actually worked. Well pleased!
Judy Morcom
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